About Us

Air Future Group (AF Group) in Australasia is a strategic partner with Luxembourg company MDI SA who is the world leader in compressed air electric vehicles, and electricity generation and renewable energy storage.

AFL Group has three companies,

  • The first being the ¬†main shareholder Air Future Limited (AFL),
    and the two operating companies
  • Air Volution Limited (AVL) for transport
  • Air to Energy (ATE) for energy.

MDI  R & D operations are based in Carros, France through its subsidiary CQFD Air Solution.

WHO ARE WE? A company contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly world!

  • Air Future Ltd (AFL) is a New Zealand public company
  • We are committed to introduce to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
    provided through the highly efficient, versatile and environmentally friendly MDI air powered engines
  • Air Future Ltd was formed in 1998.
  • The Company purchased rights to the MDI technology in 1999.
  • Through subsidiaries, which will raise their own capital
  • Air Future will direct its principal focus to being the sole provider
  • For all the MDI transport and energy products within our licence area.

In order to have a real impact, ecology must be affordable.