Motor Development International SA (MDI) is a French company (incorporated in Luxembourg) designing compressed air cars.

Established by Guy Nègre, the Luxembourg company MDI, with its administrative and production departments based in Carros in south eastern France, has developed an environmentally friendly car engine that uses compressed air to push the pistons of the engine and move the car.

Guy Nègre died in June 2015. His son Cyril Nègre is now CEO of MDI.


AFL has been in close relationship with MDI since 1999 plus an investor – generating many benefits.

Air Future Group (AFG) in Australasia is a partner with France based MDI SA who are the world leader in compressed air electric vehicles,  electricity generation and renewable energy storage.

MDI energy storage provides substantial benefits over chemical and other batteries. Their electric vehicles provide benefits and attractiveness for mass user uptake. MDI manufacturing is distributed and modular and very flexible.

AFL & MDI have a top management and technical team spanning Australasia and Europe, working together to provide both turnkey regional commercialisation and production.

It has taken two decades for MDI to progress through its research and development, move to industrialisation, and now be mass commercialising.

There is now a huge tailwind for MDI’s technology and product capabilities.