MDI Awards


An outstanding recognition from the UN

The MDI Founder, Mr. Guy Negre, would have been so proud to participate to this unique event that recognises innovative practices in energy for sustainable development. He has dedicated his whole life to technological innovations, but not only, as, as a real visionary, he always considered his inventions as a way to serve people. Years before the Rio Earth Summit, he integrated in his research the sustainable aspects, and established a pillar of MDI philosophy and as he said: “Pour avoir un réel impact l’écologie doit être accessible à tous”. This can be translated as: “Sustainable development will have a real impact only if it is accessible to all”

The way has been long and difficult. After several years of involvement with manufacturing companies, while developing Formula-one and airplanes engines, after having understood that the way that cars were – and are – built is a nonsense, he realised the impact of such engines and such crazy manufacturing processes on each individual life and, on a global point of view, on the planet itself.

  • Why think so narrowly?
  • Why not share in order to live better?
  • Why buy from the other side of the world what can be produced in our own street?
  • Why destroy what can be recyclable?
  • Why sustainable transportation is a luxury?

With MDI, an idea was born, and with it a challenge to make clean transportation available.

It took years to elaborate such a double disruptive program based on non-superfluous,
and against the common knowledge and the resistance.
It took also years to make viable the concept of running an engine, and a car, with air.


  • to return to a local manufacturing environment,
  • social friendly process of production,
  • to avoid polluting supply chain,
  • bring back workers’ value in the factories:
  • local supply,
  • local manufacturing,
  • local jobs,
  • local market.

Because of the unique synergy between a simple and efficient technology, that uses the air that we all breathe as the most available energy carrier on earth, and a specific production concept where the vehicles are locally built into many replicable micro factories, Guy Negre’s dream can now be reached. The changing process has to be accelerated and by thinking globally but acting locally we can together implement sustainable transports through this revolutionary way to produce and sell vehicles. The historical agreement signed for the COP 21 in Paris has shown that it is the right time to do so.

Members of the MDI team attending the ceremony at the UN

The ultimate achievements allowed by the MDI philosophy are to produce affordable and accessible clean transportation, to bring back the human in the centre of all activities and as Mr Ban Ki-moon said to protect and cherish our only home: the Earth.

This is the exact definition of SUSTAINABILITY.