MDI presents at the World Economic Forum in Davos
23-26 January 2018

We invite you to view the video below which illustrates the content of the debates on SDG Lab issues

January 25, 2018

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, MDI President Cyril NÈGRE was invited by UN.GSII to present the MDI project during the SDG Lab. Cyril Nègre was invited to present MDI concept, its ecological advantages and also its economic interest, favoring the circular economy. Source


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November 06, 2017

France, by the voice of N. Hulot, its Minister of Energy Transition, announces the end of diesel and gasoline in 2040, and freezes any authorization of hydrocarbon extraction on our territory.

The British government has unveiled its plan to fight against pollution. Like France, it intends to ban by 2040 the sale of new cars gasoline as diesel.

Scotland wants to stop selling gasoline or diesel cars for 2032.

Germany has decided to stop the production of thermal vehicles by 2030.

Norway has planned the ban on thermal vehicles for 2025. It’s tomorrow …

China, which suffocates under atmospheric pollution, has launched a study to ban thermal vehicles. Last year, 28 million vehicles were produced in China, of which 1% were electric.

As for India, the Indian Minister of Energy said in April that “not a single petrol or diesel car” will be sold after 2030 in the Indian market.

These innovations, and the very positive reception they receive, clearly show us that things are changing. The public is aware of the necessary changes that we must integrate into our energy consumption.

MDI brings a relevant ecological and economic answer in this panel of novelties.

In this desire to stop the consumption of hydrocarbons, we are still talking about electric cars. However, this formula has its limits as we know it: the problem of the capacity of the electrical supply vis-à-vis, among others, the fact that everyone will want to charge their batteries at the same time. Our concept allows greater flexibility, especially to recharge our vehicles outside the hours of high electrical demand thanks to the compressed air stations.

​Moreover, the excessive electrification of the means of transport will ultimately lead to problems of supply of lithium, for the manufacture of batteries, and related geopolitical concerns. This ore is only present in China and South America and in limited quantity. The air is available everywhere. Note finally that the premium of the state to the acquisition of an electric car is 6000 €. If this premium did not exist, sales would collapse immediately. So much so that the court of auditors questioned the relevance of this boost for the 13,555 vehicles sold between January 1 and June 30 this year. The builders themselves, like Carlos Tavares CEOs of PSA doubt the realization of the “all electric” for all these reasons.

The compressed air vehicle appears as “the most ecological and economical car in the world”. This is probably the reason why delegations from all countries are requesting visits, partnerships and license purchases.


16 February 2017

Energy Innovation (Electric Vehicles and Other Matters) Amendment Bill
Russell Fitts and Mick Kain appeared before a Select Committee at Parliament in Wellington  assisted by John Mennega via video link on Thursday 16th February Submission PDF  
Overall Air Future Ltd and Air Volution Ltd supported the Bill’s intentions. Read more here……..

16-20 January 2017
Our Team visit MDI in Carros, France

From left John Mennega, Annic Nègre, Mick Kain, Paul Gurr, Russell Fitts & Cyril Nègre

The MDI factory is based on a turn key model, so all the MDI factories will be similar.

MDI’s factory in Carros has been mainly used for R&D, however it is now moving towards some production. This enabled us a get a good look at how MDI vehicle factories will look and operate.

The first impression is one of a bright, well organised facility. This will make for a pleasant workplace. Closer examination revealed considerable thought has gone into the production processes and layout to optimise efficiency. The equipment chosen is high quality.

The values that are important in factory operation are safety, quality and efficiency. This is consistent with MDI and the factory they have developed.

We are very confident in MDI and in their CEO Cyril Nègre. MDI has vision, ability and drive to bring about major changes through their air powered engine technology.

14 December 2016
UN recognizes leadership of MDI in sustainable transport.

On this occasion, the United Nations and the China Energy Fund Committee (CEFC) paid tribute to the leadership and innovative practices of MDI in energy for sustainable transport.

5/7 October 2016
AGM & Air Future Presentations were held in Christchurch, Wellington & Auckland for current shareholders by Russell Fitts, Mick Kain & Phillip Frobister of the Air Future Team and assisted by John Mennega, CEO of Air Volution in Sydney and Paul Gurr, AVL Chief Operating Officer who explained the technology and progress to date.

Phillip Frobister, Dan Hilgendof, Russell Fitts, Paul Gurr, Mick Kain & Peter Macauly

24 June 2016

Friday 6th May 2016
Air Volution Team

Russell Fitts, Executive Chairman, Paul Gurr, Chief Operating Officer,
Mick Kain, Executive Director, John Mennega, CEO & Director

Presented the Company to investors at the Wholesale Investor Network showcase event held at the Menzies Hotel, Carrington St, Sydney.
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Change of Name

On 17th December 2015 the Directors of IndraNet Technologies Ltd applied to Companies Office to change the company name to Air Future Ltd. This better explains the direction the company is now taking. This company has had a long association with MDI dating back to 1998, and has now secured licences for MDI products in this area. The Directors look forward to an exciting future as this innovative, green technology becomes available.

April 11, 2014

The Management Team of Air Volution visits the Carros Plant

The Air Volution Group, which has acquired the Licenses for AirPod and Power Generators for Australia and New Zealand, visited the MDI Plant in Carros this week. During their visit, the plans for establishing the first Turnkey Plant in the region were finalized.

Based on MDI Production Concept, which adjures the manufacturer to sell the cars directly to the consumers, this will be the third production plant for the AirPod.

Cyril Nègre, Annic Nègre, Steve Turner, Russell Fitts, Guy Nègre 2014