Energy storage is at the very root of the renewable energy industry,
The required scale will need to span from grid supplementation to off grid,
Applications from home & commercial to vehicles
Mass utility storage for wind and solar.
It needs to have centralised and distributed capability.

Renewable energy has the hallmarks of a revolution that will rival the industrial revolution, and may very well be the next industrial revolution.
Its global impact could exceed all other revolutions.
Cheap & abundant energy!!




Regenerative Air Energy Storage for Transport & Power

ENERGY STORAGE SOLVED: The Luxembourg company MDI, founded in 1991, is now the world leader in applications for compressed air clean energy storage. Their uniquely designed engines, performing compression and expansion, span applications from consumer to industrial vehicles, to removing intermittency from home electricity systems, right through to buildings and factories, plus to industry mass compressed air energy storage (CAES). Not only can the technology completely replace traditional batteries, it can finally rid the renewable energy industry of its nemesis of intermittency. The economic implications are massive, affecting consumers through to industries through to governments.

The grid now becomes the servant not the master.
Society now manages power as a tool,
not a burden, and life becomes very easy.

MDI & PARTNERS: MDI’s ground breaking technology has built powerful technology partners. An early one was Tata Motors wishing to deploy the transport technology for India. Another was the huge waste and energy company Veolia. KLM Airlines was early involved.  So do we here in Australasia, holding local exclusive licensing rights.

PRODUCTS TO COMMERCIALISE:  MDI revolutionary designed products are extremely affordable (less than half the price of battery electric vehicles or home energy systems), and are very scalable and efficient. A small car can run 150km on a tank of air, and using dual mode can increase that to 450km for 2.25 litres of any fuel including renewable.  The engine is designed with an external burner at 600 degrees, and hence no pollutants or unburnt hydrocarbons.

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: A range of transport vehicles from small to medium to family, plus home energy systems. Recharging is easy, quick and cheap.

INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS: A range of transport vehicles and operating vehicles from tractors to buses, plus building and factory energy systems, and mass energy storage for renewable energy providers wind and solar.

LOCAL MANUFACTURE: Manufacture is locally in Australasia via smaller distributed turnkey factories, using local employment and business services. The commercialisation of the business is budgeted very profitable based on its modularity, low risk, and demand.