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Clean, green, sustainable.

Renewable energy produced at point of use.






AIRWALL – Fixed Power Storage

Compressed Air Technology – An Advanced Clean Energy alternative being designed By MDI

Domestic clean air storage set. 
Engineered with the MDI compressed-air technology the AirWall is being designed as a clean electricity generator. Coupled with a photovoltaic installation it will be able to store and supply power up to 7kW at night. The modular design of the AirWall is being designed to provide capability to extend the capacity and duration by adding additional storage or generation capacity. This is an innovative, flexible fixed power solution, ideal for your home or your business. 




Zero emission solutions: As it uses only solar energy and compressed air to run, the AirWall does not depend on harmful batteries or fuels for operation. 

Reliable: The life cycle of the safe tanks are guaranteed for more than 50 years. A filling test must be carried out every 5 years. 

To triple the autonomy of its system with the same amount of air, MDI has patented a dual energy mode. 

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AIRPOWER – Mobile Power Storage - being designed by MDI


Compressed Air Technology 

Autonomous electricity supply
The Airpower electricity generator will store energy in the form of compressed air, subsequently making it available again in the form of electricity in the event of a grid breakdown. 

Emergency Generator
Mainly intended for a professional environment, the AirPower is an ideal ally for meeting a specific or immediate need for power. 

The approved tank complies with the existing UN ECE R110. The new composite tanks are made of carbon fibre and resin, are very resilient and do not fragment in the event of an accident. 


Compared to other zero emissions solutions, the air tank is much cheaper to purchase than other systems. 

Different capacities according to the needs, from a few litres to several hundred litres compressed at 248 bars. 

Designed for more than 20,000 cycles, which means that more than 50 years of use. A filling test must be carried out every 5 years. 

To triple the autonomy of its system with the same amount of air MDI has patented a dual energy mode.