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The Future is AIR - Guy Nègre, founder

Become a first mover in sustainable transport and energy. Join our Air Community.


The Future is AIR.

- Guy Nègre, founder

Cars running on Compressed AIR.

Solar Panels to store energy - Compressed AIR.

Electricity generated from stored Compressed AIR.



Providing people with a sustainable future.
The voice for New Zealanders wanting the MDI technology.
“Ecology will only have a real impact if it is accessible to all.” GUY NÈGRE

Sustainability for all.
Change the future of transport and electricity starting in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands.

Vehicles that run on air alone.
Hybrid options for longer range.

Local manufacture of both vehicles and home electricity.


Cleaner vehicles leaving a greener footprint.

Storage is critical...
...since much renewable energy (like solar and wind) is intermittent, energy needs to be stored when nature is not providing.

Our business is at the centre of the world wide renewable energy industry.

Our industries are clean renewable energy and clean transport.


We create a new level of affordability and convenience.
Currently electric vehicles are very expensive and batteries can be inconvenient for long distance travel.

An opportunity to create benefits.
For the environment. For consumers. For investors.

MDI compressed air system...
…being applied to electricity generation large and small.

Become a first mover in sustainable transport and energy.