A new experience in urban mobility. 

Our entry-level vehicle is the AirPod 2.0 Standard. 

Clean Air – no emmissions

This Zero emission vehicle is the inner city vehicle of the future. 

Diverse Markets – Three models provide a wide range of customer use: inner city service vehilces, family second vehicle, fleet use for city councils, airports, university campus, resorts, gated communiites, retirement villages, golf courses. 

Its zero emission capability will assist any businessess and countries with Zero Carbon emissions objectives. 




Compact and versatile – ideal 2-seater urban service and commuter vehicle. Cargo capacity of 500 litres. Compact size. Great manouverability, front open design with easy access to the vehicle’s interior. 

Nifty with a respectable range - The AIRPOD 2.0 reaches a maximum speed of 80km/h and a range of up to 120 km on air alone and up to 360 km in its clean burning range extension mode. 

Turns on a dime - With a near zero turning radius, you can be an agile city driver and spin into the parking spot. 

The best solution for daily commuting and the environment. 

AirPod 5.jpg