Our business. 




Our industries are clean renewable energy and clean transport. Our products within those industries are energy storage and electric vehicles. Our storage (batteries) uses compressed air instead of chemicals, and our vehicles are manufactured using advanced composite materials. Our manufacture is regional and cleaner than in competitor products. 

There is an intimate and interwoven relationship between Air Future and MDI, and more broadly between MDI and its global corporate partners like Tata, Veolia, KLM and others. MDI’s focus is on research & development and industrialisation. MDI do not themselves commercialise, which Air Future does under exclusive licences. This is the great opportunity for Air Future, and hence for its investors and shareholders - and for Australasia. 

Our business is at the centre of the world wide renewable energy industry that is the replacement industry for the fossil fuel industry, perhaps the largest industry transformation of the twenty first century. 

Whilst the revolutions in renewable energy and clean transport are well underway, they are also still in their infancy. In both industries there are significant hurdles, and the products being brought to market by Air Future overcome some of these biggest hurdles. We look at this as an opportunity to create benefits for the environment, for consumers, and for investors

Storage is critical, since much renewable energy (like solar and wind) is intermittent, and it needs to be stored when nature is not providing. Electric vehicle design is also critical, as currently electric vehicles are much too expensive and batteries are inconvenient on trips. We create a new level of affordability and convenience overcoming these shortcomings.